is a web-based media resource designed to promote innovative instruction in the area of dance technology, specifically the relatively young genre - choreographic works for the screen. Merging the theoretical and aesthetic components of two motion arts—dance and video—these new teaching tools utilize interactive web technologies to educate artists in a specialized area of study that deals with the kinetics of camera motion, the moving body, and video editing as an extension of the choreographic process. ChoreoVideo, produced by dancers for dancers, emphasizes parallels in the choreographic process that exist between designing for the proscenium stage and for the video screen. The site has been created specifically to provide technical, aesthetic, and theoretical support for the study and production of dance for the screen.
How to Use this Web Site
Site content as been divided into four main sections:
Getting Started, Choreographing the Camera, Choreographing the Edit, and VideoStudies. Each of these sections has been arranged in a suggested chronological progression. Video clips have been made available throughout to support the technical, aesthetic, and theoretical content of the site. The VideoStudies section of the site offers a list of concepts and assignments that reference the other sections. A SiteMap has been provided for direct navigation to a topic. Content of the ChoreoVideo site is intended to be integrated with hands-on camerawork and editing.

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